StableLift Foundation Repair Steel Piers

Steel Piers Solve Your Problems for Good

Steel piers drive straight into load-bearing bedrock or strata — giving your home foundation real support. Concrete piers usually stick your home to the unstable clay soils that cause your problems in the first place. Most times, they simply can’t reach deeply enough to hit the load-bearing strata in the San Antonio area.

Without reaching the load-bearing strata, you’ll never repair your foundation problems for good. Our steel pier system drives to the load-bearing strata or bedrock every time, even in rare areas that have 48 feet of unstable soil under your foundation. Once you’ve used our steel pier system, there is no future maintenance. That’s it, you’re done. Your foundation is fixed for life.

StableLift Steel Piers Fix Your Foundation the First Time

Easy & Fast Installation

StableLift Foundation Repair Steel Pier Systems

Our exceptional steel piers, unique repair process, and friendly team let us fix your foundation in an average of 2-4 days with minimal soil excavation. Some homes only take 1 day to repair.

You’ll barely know we’re there. Concrete pier repairs destroy your yard and can keep you out of your home for 2-4 weeks. No one should have to deal with that kind of disruption. Read more details on our 7 Step Process here.

Industry’s Strongest Lifetime Warranty

Every part of our steel pier home foundation repair — from the piers themselves to our installation — is engineer recommended, inspected and certified. Our piers are engineered to last for the life of your home and we back all of our work with the industry’s strongest Lifetime Warranty. It’s even easily transferable to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your home. Other foundation repair company warranties are full of pages of loopholes and limitations. If you want, we’ll compare them with you.

Get a Free Foundation Repair Estimate

Our friendly experts get to your house at a time that works for you— usually within a couple of days. In just an hour or two, we’ll complete a home elevation survey and have enough info to create a repair estimate for you.