Every StableLift Foundation Repair Follows These Easy Steps

1. Call To Schedule a Demo:

Give our team a call today to schedule a free concrete slab foundation inspection.

2. Inspection & Estimate:

A certified StableLift Foundation Repair expert will fully evaluate your home. This 30 minute to 1 hour-long evaluation will include an elevation survey and an explanation of the assessment. If the home requires repair, StableLift Foundation Repair will provide a estimate.

3. Project Scheduling:

Upon acceptance of the StableLift Foundation Repair proposal, the repair will be scheduled at the convenience of the customer. Most repairs only require 2-4 days on-site, and the owner can go about normal life without disruption.

4. Project Start:

Phase 1 of the Foundation Repair Process – Small holes are manually excavated at each steel pier location and all dirt is bagged up in heavy-duty bags directly next to the holes.

5. Steel Pier Installation:

Phase 2 of the Foundation Repair Process – Steel brackets are installed under the grade beams of your concrete slab and utilized to hydraulically drive StableLift Steel Piers to the load-bearing strata or bedrock.

6. Restore Elevations:

Phase 3 of the Foundation Repair Process – After all recommended piers are installed, hydraulics are connected to all steel piers and utilized to recover elevations. After all elevations are recovered, the steel piers are locked in place so the home will never again experience problems.

7. Project Cleanup/Completion:

Phase 4 of the Foundation Repair Process – All excavations are refilled, all flatwork is replaced, and the jobsite is completely cleaned. The home is now protected for life and the owner can rest assured knowing they will never again experience foundation problems!

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