Foundation Repair San Antonio: Winterizing Your Home

By December 12, 2017Uncategorized
Foundation Repair San Antonio

After the snow we had last week, I am sure many of you have started thinking about winterizing your home. There are many things you can do to prevent foundation repair during the colder months. Today, we will focus on the areas that are pertinent to your concrete slab foundation.

Outside Faucets

Once we hit sub freezing temperatures, it would be a great idea to disconnect your soaker hoses and wrap your faucets. Any easy DIY option is to take an old towel or shirt, wrap the faucet, put a Ziploc bag over it, then secure with duct tape. Or, you can always go to your local hardware store to buy prefabricated insulators.

Inside Faucets

Before you turn off the lights or leave town, make sure to leave a slight drip on all your faucets in your home. This will prevent the plumbing from freezing and causing foundation issues.


Survey your home’s pipes both inside and out. If any of your plumbing is exposed, we suggest you buy pipe insulator to prevent issue.


An easy way to keep your pipes warmed up is to open any of your cupboards that house your plumbing. During the day it should be fine for them to be closed. However, if temperature drops at night or you leave town, you will want to make sure extra heat enters the piping.

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