Foundation Repair San Antonio: Why to Stabilize in the Summer

Foundation Repair San Antonio

After a break from posting on our blog, we are back. And, summer is right around the corner. Did you know that this is our high season? Now, of course, there are many factors for why we get more foundation repair calls from clients this time of year, but it usually boils down to these top three reasons:

More time for you to focus on home repairs

Summertime is when many families take a break from school, work, and the myriad of activities to focus on their homes. With the additional flexibility in their time, they are able to be onsite for the foundation repair work. One of the highlights of our job is seeing our client’s eyes light up when cracks in their walls get pushed back together.

Weather is optimal

In Central Texas, there is a dramatic decrease in the amount of rain we receive. Although this is a downside for our lawns and overall health of our foundations, it does make it ideal for our project teams to accomplish more work in a shorter amount of time.

Texas heat puts pressure on foundations

As mentioned earlier, the Texas heat puts stress on our concrete slab foundations. How? Well, for starters, less rain and more heat starts affecting the soil our homes rest on. This can lead to our foundations to shift around. Also, especially found in older homes after years of expansion and contraction, the foundations are even more apt to respond negatively.

How would you know if you should get some work done? We have published multiple blog posts on warning signs to be aware of. We also would love to meet you at your property and review what we find with you for free. Just give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 210-503-0553.


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