Foundation Repair San Antonio: Top 7 Tips to Deal with a Plumbing Leak Under a Foundation

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Plumbing leaks can be every homeowner’s scourge, especially under the home’s foundation. Because the house’s foundation is prone to natural elements and disasters, leaks can prove to be detrimental to your groundwork, and we all know major repairs can torment the heck out of homeowners.

The unwritten rule in plumbing is to always hire professionals to do extensive repairs but it’s doesn’t hurt to check for early leak giveaways to prevent leaks from exacerbating (this will really suck big time…and pay big money as well).

Why don’t you scroll down until the end of this article and equip yourself with the top 7 tips on how to handle plumbing leaks under your home’s foundation. Who knows, you might be saving yourself some big bucks in the future.

Check for Plumbing Leaks Under the Foundation

It does sound like a trivial task and true enough, it is quite simple to detect if your home’s base is suffering from water accumulation. All you have to do is be a bit more attentive using your ears and well, your feet. Check for running water noise under the slabs even if you’ve turned off all the faucets. Next is to walk around the house and feel if an area is warmer (or colder) than the rest of the floor areas in the house; that means water has accumulated underneath. If there are unusual cracks on the floor, walls, or baseboards, you know it’s time for plumbing repairs. Lastly, if there’s a bizarre increase in your water bill, it might be high time to call the professionals to check under the concrete.

Get to the Leak’s Source

An under-the-foundation plumbing leak is not to be taken lightly, Band-Aid solutions will only worsen similar situations in the long run. The first thing you should do is gain access to the leak’s source for repairs. Get ahold of a jackhammer to open up the slabs and detect the leaking pipes. This might incur dust build-up so make sure all your stuff and furniture are removed beforehand.

Fix the Copper Pipe Tubing

If you’re dealing with a water line leakage, the pipes used are made of copper tubing as this is the most generally-used type. These copper pipes can be wrung-out over time causing leaks. All you have to do is to cut the area of the pipe that’s leaking, remove the damaged pipelines, and then solder some couplings and tubing on both edges.

Check for Sewer Line Leaks

If it’s a sewer line leak that’s badgering you, never attempt to fix the issue yourself. Aside from the fact that it’s extremely disgusting dealing with all the pungent odor in the sewer from heaven-knows-what, a leaking sewer line might pose some dangers on human health due to exposure from toxic elements.

Opt for Pipe Rerouting

If multiple pipes are leaking which makes repairing a bit challenging, rerouting your pipes underneath the slabs can hack it. Unless you’re a professional plumber, a pro tip is to always let the experts handle pipe rerouting. Plumbers have all the necessary tools and know which sturdy types of materials to use that will make rerouting go like clockwork.

Consider Re-Piping

Another option if you’re dealing with multiple leaks is re-piping and is mostly done by professional plumbers too. They gain access to the source of the leaks underneath by cutting into the slabs and intricately fix up new piping. They do leave the operative original materials in place as much as possible. This method might take longer than the other options say, a few days to a week, and they might need to shut the water valve off (just a heads-up).

Don’t Neglect Your Regular Plumbing Checkups

Having your regular plumbers check your home’s plumbing is a rule of thumb in house maintenance, it’s synonymous to your regular dental checkup twice a year! Save yourself the hassle of dealing with an overblown plumbing problem in the middle of your house parties or even between meal preparations and house cleaning. While it’s advisable to detect plumbing leaks yourself, it’s also a smart move to know when to hire experts when things are out of your hands.

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