Foundation Repair San Antonio: The StableLift Solution

Foundation Repair San Antonio

Summer has arrived! These are the days meant to be inside with A/C or out by the pool. Today, we want to address a common question we get from our potential customers:

Why should I go with you versus Company X?

Your home is one of your most treasured possessions which makes investing into any repairs that much more important. Besides delivering the best customer service, permanent solution, and mission driven team, we also have a very unique approach to how we do business:

Every Home is Unique

StableLIft engineers to the exact specifications of your home’s existing foundation system. We keep in consideration of all variables contributing to the specific foundation problems each homeowner is experiencing with  this three goals in mind,

Goal #1: Permanently Resolve Issue.

Our team seeks to implement a foundation repair issue the first time. After we evaluate where the issue is with your concrete slab, we review what is required to both stabilize and protect the structure for life.

Goal #2: Validate Strategy

Next, we develop a specific solution to address the issue. Again, we want to reiterate you can not apply the same solution to each home. Every project is customized. Why is this? Concrete slabs are like shoes. Depending on the designer of your home foundation, it will look and behave differently. Plus, if the issue has not been addressed early on, it could be in worse off shape than someone with a similar slab.

***It’s important to highlight that we are not engineers. Instead we utilize third party structural engineering services to validate our strategy.

Goal #3: Determine Execution

Finally, we discuss with our clients the investment, keeping in mind both #1 and #2. We are keen to execute a winning strategy for the home.

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