Foundation Repair San Antonio: Memorial Day Remembrance

Foundation Repair San Antonio

This weekend we pay tribute to all those brave women and men who sacrificed themselves for our freedoms. Our team pays our respects to those even in our own families who laid down their lives so we can be free. Did you know how lucky we are to live in this country? The StableLift Foundation Repair team is beyond grateful.

Our staff member, Weston, had a grandfather who served in the Pacific during WWII. James Oliver Hughes was a Navy signalman and actually saw the raising of the iconic flag on Iwo Jima. Jim returned from war forever changed and was able to teach Weston some valuable lessons that we can all learn from:


A serviceman is honorable. His moral code is true. As a business, this is at the heart of our mission. Bill Bernbach says, “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” StableLift holds fast to this quote and applies it to all of our communication and service.


A woman or man in uniform puts others first. Our clients are not just a line item in our budget. We see ourselves in your position when we evaluate your home’s concrete slab foundation. Our main objective is to solve your goals and make the solution and cost work for you.


Sempre Fi — the motto of the Marine Corp. This Latin phrase means ‘Always Faithful’. James Hughes may not have been in the Marines, but he did go to shore with them. He was loyal to his fellow soldier as they took on enemy fire and he even called in an enemy scout. Wow. So much to apply from this in a business. StableLift will be there for you for a lifetime. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our projects.

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