Foundation Repair San Antonio: High Water Bill?

Foundation Repair San Antonio

The Texas heat is in full swing. With that you want to pay special attention to your home. There are many things to take notice of besides cracks in your walls or other signs needing foundation repair. One particular item you should watch is your water bill. Why do you ask? Water can not only be an expensive necessity, but can also harm your home if not addressed. These are the common reasons why your water bill could be high. We have also attached an action step for you to act on.

Sprinkler System Issues

Keeping your yard green during the summer months can be a feat here in Texas. To combat this, we typically run our sprinkler systems longer than normal. A broken line or a misconfigured monitor could lead to those dollar signs to be higher than normal. Look for puddles around your yard that would signal a break. If you cannot figure out your monitor, call a pro to help.

Pool Problems

Having a pool at your home can be both a blessing and a curse for some. They take time, energy, and resources to maintain so your family can enjoy. Make sure to keep an eye on your pool during the summer. Cracks can cause leaks that can lead to higher water usage and damage to your home’s foundation.

Broken Pipes

Finally, the usual culprit to a high water bill are broken pipes. The water pools under your concrete slab and heaves, putting stress on the slab, frame, and roof. If you think this might be the reason for your bill, we suggest you call a professional today. You will want to assess the foundation before fixing the plumbing.

If you have any questions regarding concrete foundation repair,  call one of our specialists today at  210-503-0553.

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