Foundation Repair San Antonio: French Drain Tips

foundation repair

Wow. How about all this rain? Water is a powerful force. Our last post we focused on maintaining rain gutter systems and this week we will discuss French drains. What is a French drain? Simply put, it is a trench dug away from your home to divert water. Other names include weeping tile, rock drain, rubble drain, blind drain, etc. There are various forms of French drains you can build.

Today, we share one method of construction:

Step 1 – Check for pipes and cables

The last thing you want to do is to break a cable or a pipe in your yard. Do your best at locating all plumbing, sprinkler lines, and cables before digging.

Step 2 – City code

Visit your local city website or building to reviewing zoning laws.

Step 3 – Plan the route

Determine the past pathway for the drain. You should look for a downward slope if possible. Mark out the track you will dig.

Step 4 – Dig

You will need to dig a trench that is around 6″ wide and 24″ deep. This will be important when laying the perforated piping and gravel.

Step 5 – Protect

If possible, it is best to line the trench with water permeable cloth in order to keep the soil from collapsing.

Step 6 – Lay pipe

Using perforated piping, you will connect the sections with the holes facing downward. Make sure that each joint is securely connected.

Step 7 – Dump gravel

Next up, you will need to fill in the trench with gravel. Depending on how deep you dig, this may require more gravel than you think.

Step 8 – Top off with soil

Finally, fill in the top with a healthy portion of soil.

We hope these steps will prevent the necessity for foundation repair. However, if you ever feel you need assistance with your concrete slab, our office line is 210-503-0553.

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