Foundation Repair San Antonio: Fall Weather Maintenance

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Foundation Repair San Antonio

Even though the weather has been closer to being summer than fall, we are indeed moving into a new season. With the change in the temperature and weather patterns, there are certain items to keep in mind when maintaining your concrete slab foundation. Today, we will touch on a few tips for you to focus on over the coming weeks.

Clear out gutters.

The fall season causes your trees to shed their leaves in numbers. It would be easy to not pay attention to your gutters since they are out of sight and out of mind, but don’t forget them. You should spend a Saturday afternoon making sure they are cleared out for appropriate water flow. Backed up gutters can cause water spillage around your home which can lead to soil surging.

Balance yard moisture.

As mentioned above, you will want to make sure there is not any pooling of water caused by clogged gutters, soaker hoses over moisturizing, and uneven soil. We suggest you walking around your property once a week to make sure there isn’t any sunken areas around your home or water buildup. If there is, pack in more soil and tweak your watering plan.

Keep an eye on your cracks.

During fall, we typically receive more rain. With this added moisture, you will start seeing some of your cracks come back together. This summer was very hot and we received thousands of calls from homeowners seeing increased stress in their houses. If the signs of foundation wear and tear start dissipating, still keep an eye on it. You may still need to address the foundation problems.

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