Foundation Repair San Antonio: Buying a home?

foundation repair

Home buying can be extremely stressful — loan applications, finding a realtor, locating that dream home, inspections, and the best part…negotiations. However, most people don’t think about possible concrete foundation problems unless they have a savvy realtor or have experienced a bad concrete slab in the past. Keep in mind this issue could make or break your decision in this huge investment.

Here are a few questions you may ask yourself:

Should I buy a pier and beam or concrete slab home?

In the Greater San Antonio and New Braunfels area, you find both pier and beam and concrete slab homes. Many of our older neighborhoods utilize the pier and beam system. Which one is better? It really depends. There are pros and cons for both (we will touch on this in an upcoming post). Until then, evaluate what your top priorities you want in a home and discuss with your realtor.

What can I do if I think there are foundation issues?

Make sure to carefully look out for the signs of foundation wear and tear. You can read our list of the top ones from a previous post here. Also, pay close attention to what the inspector finds in his evaluation of the house. If there are clear signs of problems, pause your buying process.

I found problems, now what?

So you found issues with your foundation? We recommend you have a open conversation with the sellers about including the cost of foundation repair into your deal. The cost of repairs may help you out in the negotiation phase of the purchase. (Read more here)

Lastly, do not hesitate to give our office a call. Your home is a huge investment. We are here to serve our community and help out any way we can. Our office line is 210-503-0553.

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