Foundation Repair San Antonio: 6 Plumbing Tips that Everyone Should Know

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Foundation Repair San Antonio

Plumbing is one of the most critical systems in your home. While you’re enjoying your hot showers, washing the dishes, and watering the plants, the entire plumbing system is also working extremely hard to cater to your needs.

However, homeowners fail to realize the importance of plumbing and why regularly checking its condition is crucial for a fully functional water system. Sure, hiring a professional plumber is expensive but you can do away with extra expenses if you take matters into your own hands.

But wait, hold your horses. We don’t mean getting down and dirty underground and dissecting every pipe and PVC, learning the basics is merely enough to keep your plumbing in tiptop condition. After all, checking the water system yourself will let you sleep better at night. Here are six plumbing tips you should master.

1.  Keep Your Eye Out for Leaky Faucets

If you notice a spike in utility bills every month and you think your water usage is the same as the previous months, leaks are most likely prevalent in your home. Never take trivial leaks for granted. Although this might only seem like a few drops per day, there’s usually an underlying issue causing the leaks.

A simple tip would be to check where the leaks are. Then shut off the main valve for the fixtures. After you’ve found where the problems are, tighten the area around the faucet base to prevent further leaks. Loose handles are the most common reasons for leaks. If in case your tactic doesn’t work, then maybe a more significant problem is causing it and calling an expert would be useful.

2.  Clogged Drains May Be More Simple than You Think

Whenever there are clogged drains, don’t panic. They may not be as complicated as you think. Instead of grabbing all the drain cleaners you can get your hands on, a simple plunger will almost always fix the issue.

Before using the plunger, make sure that you drain most of the water in the toilet. Next, make sure that the suction covers most of the opening and plunge away. This will help loosen up debris stuck in pipes.

Another quick and pro tip for fixing a clog is to use the “thin wire” trick. Grab a rigid wire then bend the end a bit. Then start pulling all those icky stuff down the toilet.

3.  Maybe Metal Pipes Aren’t So Durable After All

While most people take advantage of metal drain lines, other people have seen how corrosion usually gets the best out of these metal pipes. The solution? Replace them with plastic!

Okay, let’s admit. Metal pipes may look more aesthetically pleasing, but plastic is more sturdy because they don’t easily wear out. There are no external plumbing factors that can destroy the plastic pipes – especially not water! A tip would be to replace your metal drain lines with plastic. Plastic lines are cheaper. They are also easier to install, adjust, and detect if a leak starts to develop.

4.  Over-tightening Your Supply Lines Will Do More Harm than Good

If you’re quite the handyman who is used to pliers, you might think that over-tightening is a better solution to solve or prevent a problem. Let me stop you dead on your tracks to say – it’s not.

Over tightening supply lines is actually riskier than under tightening. If you overly do it, the rubber seals get damaged. At least if it’s under tightened, you can always go back to it knowing you can do more adjustment if necessary.

5.  Learn How to Remove the Faucet

It’s always better to have a plumbing trick under your sleeves, and an extremely important one is removing the faucet. Now, this is the time to get down and dirty. Get on your back and under the sink. Next is to shut off all the main water valve, so water is not flowing. Then look for the nuts and prepare to work on it with your pliers. And voila, a little pull through the faucet mount and you just uninstalled a faucet.

6.  Don’t Put Anything Down the Drain

This is going to be a very obvious tip, but since everybody has a hard time understanding this, then it deserves a spot in our list. Never throw anything down the drains! That’s why we have trash bins, remember? Some of which are coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, fat, and oils, cotton balls, paper towels, medication, feminine hygiene products, or condoms! 

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas, and home improvement. She is currently working for Lasiter, which offers quality plumbing services including disposal repair/ replacement, faucet repair/ replacement, leak detection, gas line repairs, pipes sewer repairs and more, in and around Fort Worth, TX. 

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