Foundation Repair San Antonio: 4 Steps to Maintain Gutters

foundation repair

Central Texas has experienced an incredible amount of rain. Our lakes and farmland have benefited greatly from this increase in moisture, but what about our homes? As you are looking for summer home projects to focus on this year consider turning your attention to your gutters and downspouts. Your gutters help keep excess water from pooling near your foundation which can lead to foundation repair.

Read these four easy steps:

1. Repair cracks and smooth

Look for any holes or cracks in your gutters and use a patch repair kit to fix. Smooth out your gutter system with a wire brush. Make sure to treat this area with rust paint and then repair cement. While the cement is still drying, you can press down strips of heavy aluminum foil. This concoction will help the flow of water and prohibit clogging.

2. Replace damaged sections

Locate any areas of your gutter system that are beyond repair. You will want to remove the sections with a hacksaw. Insert new sections that have a slight overlap. After you have installed, use caulk to secure the overlapped new section in place and install screws. You will want to smooth over any rough patches with a wire brush.

3. Check flow of water

Your gutter systems are installed with a slight angle to promote water flow. Test out the flow of your system by pouring water into the gutter. If there is any pooling at low points, adjust the angle.

4. Install gutter screens

Lastly, you will want to make sure your gutters stay clear from leaves and other debris. A simple solution is to install screens on top of your gutters.

We hope these steps will help keep excess rain water away from your concrete foundation. If you ever need help from our team, our office line is 210-503-0553.

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