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Numerous factors come into play when adding up the total foundation repair cost for your home. StableLift understands the financial burden foundation repair costs can add into the mix, and for that reason we’ve made it our mission in serving the greater San Antonio Texas area over the last 10 years to implement every strategy and technological advance available that could help reduce costs and control pricing while offering the most superior service in the industry.

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StableLift Foundation Repair Angies List Super Service Award
Steel Pier Foundation Repair System

Oftentimes we are asked why our competition is charging so much for either what seems to be a similar steel pier system, or a noticeably different and cheaper concrete pier system. Below we’ve compiled a list of factors we see impacting our competitors pricing. People want a repair, but instead this is the list of what they would actually be paying for:

  • Out of town ownership gross payments or franchise fees
  • Heavily financed equipment and vehicles
  • Inefficient installation methods
  • Inefficient daily business operation systems
  • Inadequate job supervision
  • Excessive adjustments and warranty claims
  • Overspending of advertising and inflated marketing budgets
  • Too many middlemen involved in material purchase
  • Past project bid mistake compensation
  • Out of town location travel fees (Some companies pretend to be local but reality is they are not)

At StableLift we’ve taken what has traditionally been the most expensive repair and implemented strategies and technologies that help drive our pricing down. We eliminate all middlemen and we run our business efficiently so that our customers pay for the actual real foundation repair cost including the cost of the material and labor involved with permanently repairing their home. Average permanent repairs are just over $6,000 but prices normally range between $2,000 and $16,000, with prices dependent on what type of repair the home needs. Every home is different and the scope of work varies for each job. What we can assure you is that the real cost associated with your home’s permanent repair is the real cost reflected in our price. Not to mention, we promise to do our best match any competitor’s offer, no matter what!

StableLift Foundation Repair Angies List Super Service Award
Steel Pier Foundation Repair System

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