What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems start with the soil in the greater San Antonio area. Combined with the Texas weather, it turns common home issues like poor grading and failed plumbing into foundation sinking and failure.

Texas Soil & Climate

90% of foundation problems come from the natural conditions in the area. Our loamy, clay soil has a high-elasticity, which means it moves with shifting temperature and moisture levels.

The soil under your home expands and contracts with shifts between hot and cold conditions and through dry and wet cycles — literally moving your entire home.

Your home was designed to handle this, but over time or after a big weather event your home can move beyond its limitations — that’s when you get foundation problems.

Grading Issues

It’s rare for any lot to be 100% flat before new home construction. To fix the grade, soil is used to level your lot and failure to compact or treat this soil properly causes recession and erosion under your foundation — leading to problems and failure over time.

Poor Drainage

Do you have standing water in your yard or in your home after heavy rains?

This is going to damage your home foundation. Even with the best landscaping, drainage and gutters, water flow changes over time and creates foundation problems.

Failed Concrete Foundation Repairs

Many homeowners who used concrete piers as a seemingly more affordable foundation repair option come to us to fix their failed repair later — making the second repair more difficult and expensive.

Concrete doesn’t solve your foundation problems because it doesn’t reach the bedrock to provide real support and is fails for many reasons.

Plumbing/Irrigation System Failure

Broken pipes and foundation problems go hand-in-hand in the San Antonio area. Your leaky pipes can cause soil to expand and contract under your home or erode away — resulting in a shifting house.

Other problems with your foundation can easily cause pipes to break and make the original damage worse.

Faulty Construction

Not all homes are built equally. It’s unfortunate, but many foundation problems are caused by ignored construction standards and inspection requirements. Luckily, you can fix them if you do it right the first time.

Landscaping Problems

Trees and plants are a beautiful way to landscape, but they can leach moisture from under your home — causing soil contraction, adding to sinking foundations, and leading to concrete slab failure.

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